About TheEarlybirds

We are early birds in the field of sustainability. We were early to investigate sustainability and put it on the agenda for our clients. That requires a creative and forward-looking perspective. As sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue, we continue to think ahead about the next concrete steps for our clients. We do this in a strategic and very accessible way.

Who are those birds? TheEarlybirds was founded by Eline Burger and Arnold Burger, who both complement each other from their own field and see opportunities to realize their passion. We enjoy working, think in terms of opportunities and we help you to make the right changes in time.

Together, we can add more value

Sometimes the complexity of the assignment requires a broader view. TheEarlybirds use advanced models to calculate towards fossil-free strategies in which the perspective of the resident / real estate owner is centralized. This approach combined with our visual way of reporting has often been regarded as innovative and complementary to the activities of our partners. Our models and working method fit in well with CEGOIA, SEP (stakeholder engagement platform) and Vesta Mais, among others. We have the pleasure of working with our following (research) partners:

Eline Burger, co-founder of  TheEarlybirds:

Eline Burger is one of the first to graduate from AMS (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) with a Master’s in Industrial Ecology from TU Delft / Leiden University, following her Bachelor’s in Architecture. At CE Delft, among other things, she has dealt with the heat transition for provinces, cities and municipalities. Halfway through 2018 she became one of the two founders of TheEarlybirds. In doing so, she focuses, among other things, on the complex task of making the existing built environment sustainable. Together with her co-founder, she has developed a neighborhood model and a building model that provide insight in a very interactive way into which concrete steps can be taken towards a fossil-free built environment.

Eline Burger, co-founder | strategy consultant

“Sustainability is primarily still a topic for discussion. People talk a lot about it, but often do not know what measures are needed to make a real positive impact on the climate and how to integrate it into working business models. It is also not easy, in fact, it is quite complex. But with advanced IT resources and graphic skills we make real sustainability transparent, comprehensible and applicable. ”

“It is quite complicated to find the right strategy to get buildings fossil free. Architecture and building services have a great deal of cohesion, while the construction sector itself is quite a divided domain in this area. We find that coherence in our 3D and calculation models that we have developed. With our experience and passion for sustainability, we like to think strategically with you a few steps ahead. ”

Arnold Burger, co-founder | strategy consultant

Arnold Burger, co-founder of TheEarlybirds:

Arnold Burger graduated from TU Delft at a young age with a Masters in Architecture. Sustainability has played a significant role in his designs for highly complex buildings such as hospitals and in particular thinking in strategies for the longer term. Such strategies such as ultimate flexibility can only be realized by thinking integrally about building and installations. The combination with his affinity for sustainability, 3D modeling and automation made him an outsider as an architect.  Arnold was an early bird by living in a energy neutral house for many years. As a co-founder of TheEarlybirds, his knowledge of buildings and experience in strategic thinking come in handy.