For the forward thinkers

For the forward thinkers

Think ahead

Are you an ambitious policy maker, consultant or property manager?
..and are you working towards a fossil-free neighbourhood or building?

TheEarlybirds make calculations towards fossil-free neighbourhoods and buildings.
Not only for you, but especially with you.

Fossil-free strategies

Every building and every district is different. The primary school around the corner can loose half of its heat just because of a poorly insulated floor, while the terraced houses next door burn large amounts of natural gas due to leakages in their roofs. At the same time, it may turn out that a heating network is financially interesting for the older part of the district, while the rest of the houses are better off with a heat pump. Every building and every district require a suitable strategy. Using our earlybirds’ NEST model (building model) and COLONY model (district model), we look for the right measures at the right time while putting the interests of residents and building owners first.

With our strategies:

  • you save energy costs,
  • you avoid investing thousands to millions of euros in useless building renovations,
  • you reduce CO2 emissions in a cost-effective way,
  • you will save time on finding support from residents/property owners for heat transition visions and implementation plans for fossil-free districts.

Together, we can add more value

Sometimes the complexity of the assignment requires a broader view. TheEarlybirds use advanced models to calculate towards fossil-free strategies in which the perspective of the resident / real estate owner is centralized. This approach combined with our visual way of reporting has often been regarded as innovative and complementary to the activities of our partners. Our models and working method fit in well with CEGOIA, the Heat Profile Tool, SEP (stakeholder engagement platform) and Vesta Mais, among others. We have the pleasure of working with our following (research) partners:


Ahead with us?

TheEarlybirds develop fossil-free strategies for you.

We like to think along with you.

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