For the forward thinkers

For the forward thinkers

Think ahead

Are you a project leader at a municipality, a consultant, an energy cooperative or a property manager?
..and would you like to make steps forward towards sustainable heating in your municipality, city, village, neighbourhood or building?

Get off to a flying start with TheEarlybirds tooling & methodologies.
Both in the field of technology and citizen participation. We are happy to help you.

Fossil-free areas

It is a complicated task for any building or for any neighborhood. What should you choose when there are so many options available and everything seems to affect everything else and when you also have to deal with many different interests? Making a building or neighborhood fossil-free requires the right insights and an appropriate strategy. The NEST (for a building) and COLONY (for an entire neighborhood) calculation models from TheEarlybirds offer a clear insight, with the interests of residents and building owners at the forefront!

With our strategies:

  • you save energy costs,
  • you avoid investing thousands to millions of euros in useless building renovations,
  • you reduce CO2 emissions in a cost-effective way,
  • you will save time on finding support from residents/property owners for heat transition visions and implementation plans for fossil-free areas.

Ahead with us?

Guido van Enckevort
Sustainability expert
Municipality Kaag en Braassem

“The COLONY tool is a nice instrument to see from a residents’ perspective what collective heating solutions do in relation to individual all-electric variants. This approach fitted in well with the way we are working on the energy transition in Kaag en Braassem….

Dennis van der Lee
Head of Housing & Real estate
Housing association Anna Paulowna

“For two housing types, all options were open in our search for the best future. That varied from a minimal approach, replacing the entire building envelope to replacement new construction. TheEarlybirds have shown us which combination….

Baktash Ibrahimi,
Sustainability consultant
Municipality of Zoeterwoude

“The collaboration with TheEarlybirds went very well. Due to deadlines, we needed results within a very short period of time, which was also delivered by TheEarlybirds. The online tool not only makes it possible that we can basically give everyone with a browser access to….

René Ploeger
Project manager
Housing corporation Parteon

“As Parteon, we are faced with a complicated task to give the Zeeheldenbuurt in Wormerveer a future again. With their models, TheEarlybirds have shown us that the proposed measures would lead to responsible and acceptable investments. The proposals….

Barbara Schildkamp
Facility and housing manager

“My experience is that making buildings more sustainable is a very complex issue. It is therefore often done from the gut feeling, without any numerical basis.
TheEarlybirds have provided us with integral and numerically substantiated advice….

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