Working together towards natural gas-free

More than just math
Despite the fact that COLONY has proven in many places to be very helpful in getting a grip on the energetic opportunities of a neighborhood if a natural gas-free plan is created for it, TheEarlybirds soon realized that the process would not be successful without the input of the residents. For this reason, contact was sought with The Imagineers, VONC communication and TNO. As a result an application for a TSE grant has been submitted to develop a method consisting of a participation approach and an online participation platform with integrated our COLONY model. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has approved the application.

Neighborhood Heat Guidance
The BuurtWarmteWijzer (Neighborhood Heat Guidance) is a method that ensures that municipalities, collectives and residents come to supported and substantiated choices more quickly for a natural gas-free heat solution. The method provides insight into the perspectives of various parties, records information throughout the entire process, activates people to think and participate, and through co-creation ultimately comes to advice for the neighborhood and personal advice at address level for the best heat solution.

Customer journey and trust
The BuurtWarmteWijzer is based on the ‘customer journey’ that TNO has developed especially for the transition to natural gas-free neighborhoods. Interactive visualisations of the neighborhood turn a complex issue into a comprehensible picture, so that plans for the heat transition can be worked on together. With COLONY, collective and individual heat solutions are calculated in the various future scenarios, whereby energy advice is provided for each individual address and the entire neighborhood. With this advice, residents are able to make the right choices for their own situation and for the neighborhood. This information and the perspectives of all stakeholders create mutual trust. And that trust is necessary to make the heat transition possible.