Our search for the best future for two housing types

For the Anna Paulowna Housing Foundation it was known that 2 housing types were quite outdated. For a while, a new future has been under consideration, ranging from demolition with replacement new construction to the complete replacement of roof, floor and facade.

Nice comparison of the many variants

Considerations often went by feeling and contractors and installers could not tell which choices would be the best. The NEST model from TheEarlyBirds brought a solution. Various variants were made transparent so that well-founded choices can be made for the insulation level, heat technology and energy generation.


Dennis van der Lee
head of Housing & Real Estate

Dennis van der Lee of Housing Association Anna Paulowna:

“For two housing types, all options were open in our search for the best future. That varied from a minimal approach, replacing the entire building envelope to replacement new construction.
TheEarlybirds have shown us which combination of investments in building envelope and installations could lead to the most optimal package. As a result, we have gained theoretical insight into the various sustainability options and ‘no-regret’ measures for these housing types.
We have experienced the collaboration as very pleasant.”