It was already complex enough.

The Zeeheldenbuurt in Wormerveer already has a large history. Almost as large as the sea heroes themselves. Legacy from the past did not make the route easy for Parteon, the corporation that wanted to go to a much more sustainable neighborhood. While demolition and new construction were already on the agenda, TheEarlybirds was asked to take a good look at a renovation.

With their calculation models, TheEarlyBirds have shown that making NO-REGRET measures sustainable was a good option and could even be a stepping stone for an energy-neutral neighborhood. It made the step-by-step plan a lot clearer and easier to explain to the residents.

René Ploeger, project manager at Parteon:

“As Parteon, we are faced with a complicated task to give the Zeeheldenbuurt in Wormerveer a future again. In addition to new replacement construction, we investigated various renovation measures inspired by various steps to make the houses more sustainable.
With their models, TheEarlybirds have shown us that the proposed measures would lead to responsible and acceptable investments. The proposals dovetailed well with the strategic choices that we as a corporation must make.
We are now in a good position to be able to take a concrete next step in the plan development of the project. The collaboration made a quick switch from theoretical models to a practical interpretation with result comparisons possible.”