Housing corporations to move.

Housing association are asked by the government to be at the forefront of the heat transition. Quite a difficult task if there is still plenty of experimentation in the field. Major investments in the building stock are lurking and tenants are faced with changes in their homes. The task requires a solid strategy because many considerations and decisions have to be made:

  • Are we going for demolition, renovation or new construction?
  • Is it beneficial to connect to the (planned) heat grid?
  • What measures are we going to take and what does that mean for the tenant’s energy bill?

The answers will remain vague if you do not have the correct calculations and all area partners and residents are not connected.

How we can assist you.

Sustainability strategy

You can make your housing stock more sustainable in many ways and at various costs. But what will make sense and what will suit the houses and tenants? How about management? And does the supply of energy and heat also belong to our task as a housing corporation? With support of TheEarlybirds as a housing association you can make well-founded considerations and decisions at a strategic level. With a strategic long-term sustainability plan, financial resources are deployed where they are most useful. We owe this to the climate, society and of course to the tenants and the housing association itself.

Improving building envelope

If I want to take sustainability measures, what and when should I do that? Using the NEST model, TheEarlybirds calculate the most cost-efficient measures for a sustainable future of your housing stock in various scenarios. And when it is best to take them. Wrong investments are avoided and CO2 emissions are effectively reduced. We ensure a favorable coordination of current and future heating techniques, the existing maintenance plan and the living comfort of residents. You can get started right away with our concrete results!

Choice of heat solution

Districts are gradually becoming fossil-free and the housing association’s homes are an important part of this. The gas boiler is being phased out and replaced by fossil-free alternatives. But which heating technology is most suitable for your houses and what suits your tenants? Is connecting to a collective heat network a good option? We use the COLONY model to calculate the best heat solution for the district. And if a heat network is available, we calculate when a connection is beneficial for you and your tenants. In this way you can make well-founded choices with us towards a fossil-free housing stock.

More about COLONY.

The COLONY model can help in various ways in the heat transition of neighborhoods and towns. These videos tell more about it (Dutch).

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René Ploeger, project manager
housing association Parteon

“With the NEST model, TheEarlybirds showed us that the proposed measures would lead to responsible and acceptable investments. The proposals fitted in well with the strategic choices we have to make as a corporation.
We are now well able to take a concrete next step in the plan development of the project. The collaboration made it possible to quickly switch from theoretical models to a practical interpretation of result comparisons. ”