The municipality is in charge.

Municipalities have been assigned one very challenging role in the heat transition: the coordinating role. A very important role that requires both a content management as well as process management and facilitation of all stakeholders. The path to a natural gas-free district is long and many considerations and decisions have to be made:

  • Which heating solution is suitable in which place and for which residents?
  • Do we want a heat grid? And if so at what temperature?
  • Where is a power grid upgrate needed?

The answers remain vague if you do not have the correct calculations and not all area partners and residents are connected.

How we can assist you.

Roadmap for sustainable heating

Are there also neighbourhoods in your municipality where the initial analysis or other models shows that multiple heating solutions are possible? COLONY provides you with information about which heat solution is most suitable and where. We investigate possible heating solutions using various scenarios. An example could be the trade-off between all-electric or a heat grid or, for example, the trade-off between a heat grid fed by an aquathermy source (eg 40 degrees) against a geothermal source (eg 70 degrees).

Neighbourhood implementation plan

In addressing a gas-free area, it is important to cooperate in a smooth way with residents and stakeholders. Only when one knows the other’s interests one can make the right decisions. With COLONY, we map out for you in various scenarios what certain heating solutions mean for the neighborhood as a whole, every address and every party involved.

Sustainable real estate strategy

The utility must also be included in the natural gas-free transition. With the NEST model we can find a strategy with concrete optimal solutions at building level. Municipal buildings can be made sustainable on their own. Municipal buildings such as schools play an important role as part of a natural gas-free neighborhood. After all they are big consumers. And setting a good example attracks followers!

Gerelateerde projecten

Guido van Enckevort, sustainablist,
municipality of Kaag and Braassem

“COLONY is a great instrument to see from a residents’ perspective what collective heating solutions do in relation to individual all-electric variants. This approach fitted in well with the way we are working on the energy transition in Kaag and Braassem. The tooling also helps to to make the task of the energy transition concrete and transparent for those involved. Because of the many different buttons you can turn, you need to think very sharply and carefully about which scenarios you exactly want.”