Strategy in action

These are projects we are working on or have worked on.

Dennis van der Lee of Housing Association Anna Paulowna:

“For two housing types, all options were open in our search for the best future. That varied from a minimal approach, replacing the entire building envelope to new replacement construction.
TheEarlybirds have shown us which combination of investments in building envelope and building services could lead to the most optimal package. As a result, we have gained theoretical insight into the various sustainability options and “no-regret” measures for these housing types.
We have experienced the collaboration as very pleasant. ”


Dennis van der Lee
head Housing & Real Estate

Barbara Schildkamp
Facility and Housing manager

Barbara Schildkamp of Marente:

“My experience is that making buildings more sustainable is a very complex issue. It is therefore often done from the gut feeling, without any numerical basis.
TheEarlybirds have provided us with integral and numerically substantiated advice with the focus on truly meaningful energy-saving measures. It gave a good insight into the actual energy leaks of our building, so that we can put our money in the most energy-saving measures.”