Strategic and substantive support

‘WDW ontwikkelend beheer’ received a subsidy to develop their idea of ​​an integrated neighborhood approach into a concrete applicable method to facilitate a neighbourhood in its transition to fossil-free heating. TheEarlybirds are providing strategic and substantive support for WDW in the development of this approach. One of the key points involves a coordinated search for suitable measures for a neighborhood together with all stakeholders. The result? A neighbourhood plan providing in a sustainable future for the neighborhood containing added value for all residents and all other stakeholders. The approach will be tested by WDW and TheEarlybirds in a number of neighborhoods and therefore will be improved. The first neighbourhood we are already working on is called Overstegen-West located in Doetinchem. The COLONY model is an important facilitator in this respect: it will be used as a basis to establish dialogues with all stakeholders in the neighbourhood, to discover its opportunities and to facilitate joint decision making.