Low-rise versus high-rise

The Warmtetransitiemakers (Heat Transition Makers) have been asked by the municipality of Veenendaal to advise on natural gas-free routes for the Molenbrug district. One possible route is the construction of a collective heat grid. The Molenbrug district is characterized by great contrasts: a number of high-rise flats, some of repetitive low-rise houses and some with low-rise buildings of all kinds in size and year of construction. For the apartments in the flats it is quite clear that a heat grid is financially interesting. The question is whether a heat grid is also feasible for low-rise buildings for the operator of the heat network and for the residents. DWTM asked Greenvis to scan the neighborhood with their Heat Tool. TheEarlybirds have worked with the COLONY-model to see whether it is favorable for the residents in the low-rise buildings to purchase heat from the heat network.